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The Fractional CMO – Private Equity Post Merger Integrations

Skilful Pursuit CMO Consulting Fractional CMO


We are a dedicated team of highly skilled business development and marketing experts with unique and proven plans to help M&A Integration Teams and Post-Merger Integration Leaders scale quickly and successfully and integrate firms for high-value exits. We are based in the UK and operate all over Europe. We are ambitious in helping integration teams successfully integrate and grow entities at a large scale sustainably.

Our team also works within Southern Africa, Middle East and Asia. Our services bring talent and insight into the challenges integrating companies deal with. We offer support to all companies undergoing M&A, from pre-deal to the next 100 days of integration and beyond to build exit readiness. We love to tackle challenges head-on with tailored and integrated expertise to deliver better, faster, enduring, and innovative outcomes.


Founder of Skilful Pursuit

I’ve helped companies develop, scale and integrate for over 28 years. I’ve worked in South Africa, across Europe, and the Middle East, hence have a deep understanding of cultures and business workings cross-culture. 

As a leader of top talent, I strive to maintain an innovation-based organisation where customers and employees thrive. I work with the best and brightest to focus on their continuous development and well-being as I believes in learning organisations. My culture is about collaboration, opportunity, inclusion, and continuous learning. 

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