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The Fractional CMO – Private Equity Post Merger Integrations

Skilful Pursuit CMO Consulting Fractional CMO

Integration Team Leadership That Works

I help M&A Integration Teams and Post Merger Integration Leaders scale sales revenue predictably through full-stack digital marketing as their Fractional CMO

Are you a Merger & Acquisition Integration Team or company looking to build or grow a robust PMI team by adding an effective leader to their Team? 

What is a Fractional CMO?

An FCMO is a marketing strategy consultant who leads and directs your integration marketing team as a part-time executive. 

A great FCMO defines what your goals are, what your positioning is, and creates an effective strategy for your team to achieve those goals. They ensure the team performs at the best of their potential and the integration marketing department provides immeasurable value to the company. 

Let's Work Together

Half-Day Consult

One 4-hour Strategy Session for your team using the Functional Marketing® Framework to focus your marketing strategy; custom and bespoke to your company’s needs

Delivery includes an immediate marketing punch list, a list of blind spots, and marketing campaigns for the next 1-6 months


A fractional Chief Marketing Officer to help develop and integrate marketing strategies

Leading & Directing Sales and Marketing for PMI

Deploys the Functional Marketing® Framework to establish KPIs and reporting, define positioning, and more

Hire, train, evaluate and fire vendors, employees, & contractors

Ongoing Advisor

A fractional CMO leading your integration team as a strategic advisor

Grow long-term with the least financial risk

Access to our Functional Marketing® Framework standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Available after at least one 90-day sprint with FCSO Engaged or a Half-Day Consultative Strategy Session

Why I Care About Making Your Integration
Team World Class

It becomes increasingly frustrating having big integration goals yet staying bogged down by controlling a marketing team that just takes up too much of your time without seeing impressive results. 

I’ve had experience helping integration teams like yours achieve their marketing goals. I love solving marketing problems and leading teams to win with their strengths. 

In just 15-minutes, I can tell you if a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer will be a good fit for your team. So, schedule a call now to get started. 

Its as easy as 1-2-3...​


We’ll discuss whether our business consultancy FCMO is the right fit for your company.


We’ll delve deep into your company-specific needs and goals to come to a proposal.

Marketing Transformation

You’ll have a 100-days and beyond comprehensive integration marketing plan to execute.

What does a Fractional CMO do?

  • Maximum results in minimum time
  • Achieve your goals with confidence
  • Focus your team
  • Marketing leader for your team
  • Stop wasting team time and ad spend on non-converting campaigns
  • Magnify impact through honest marketing
  • Smooth flowing system in marketing
  • Reduce time and money waste
  • Reach more customers
  • Build and manage the marketing department
  • Make company growth come to life with a comprehensive strategy and leadership

You need a Fractional CMO if?

  • You are spending too much time running the marketing team instead of being the CEO
  • You’re stuck following the same old post-deal frameworks and excuses
  • You are so busy with the integration that you don’t have enough time and energy to focus on closing the next deal
  • You feel there’s an invisible ceiling to how big your firm’s assets under management can grow
  • You see competitors closing better deals with lower quality offerings
  • You need a leader to focus your resources and energy to create maximum value
  • You’re looking for post- Merger and Acquisition services

Hear What Others Have to Say About Us!

Dudley really cares about the team as a person and is always happy sit down with you to make sure you are hitting your goals.
They really care about everyone on the team and helping everyone to up their game every single day. It’s been truly rewarding working with someone with great work ethic.
There are a lot of opportunities for growth working with Dudley. His strategies and remarkable and transformational.

Finally Get the Marketing Expertise You Need to Integrate Firms and Create Maximum Value

Delegate your marketing outcomes to an expert to take your time back and see synergies captured and maximum value created quickly and predictably.